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Salt/Sand Spreaders: Auger vs Chain


As a supplier and installer of salt/sand spreaders one of the questions we're often asked is what's the difference between auger driven spreaders vs. chain driven spreaders.  For those not familiar with the terms or snow & ice equipment, what is being referred to is the system that drives salt out of the hopper towards the discharge chute.  Here are some things to know.

Auger System
  • Fewer moving parts = resulting in lower maintenance requirements
  • Better for handling dry, free flowing material = Material gets pulled evenly which results in a more consistent spreading pattern.
Chain System
  • Ability to spread a variety of material such as bulk salt, sand, pea gravel, moist materials etc.
  • Can carry more material to the discharge chute
  • Less prone to jamming
Which one is better?
It depends on the application and even the regional preference. As mentioned above the biggest advantage auger systems have over chain systems is that it has fewer moving parts and no chains to maintain. The trade off is the chain system has a higher flow rate when it comes to dispersing material at almost twice the rate of an equivalent hopper with an auger system.
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