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Snow & Ice Controls

DEL provides a complete snow & ice upfit package that features snow & ice control systems. Designed to control and monitor plow and spreading operations.


When it comes to fighting snow and ice, Cirus spreader and snowplow controls help you provide effective winter maintenance. Using smarter technology and more precise application controls help you save product, time and overall costs. The end result? Safer roads, more cost-effective snow and ice removal, and greater peace of mind among residents and drivers.

Superior electronic spreader controls.
Combining precision, power and performance, Cirus electronic spreader controls range from simple to sophisticated. Our salt spreader and deicing spreader controls offer precision application for multiple applications and a wide array of innovative features. What’s more? With AVL-ready data ports built in, and other upgrade options available, you can easily advance your technology.

Electronic spreader controls from Cirus:

High-performing proportional plow controls.
Our proportional plow control systems provide versatility and performance. Whether you need a simple or sophisticated joystick you benefit from optimum, precise control.

Proportional plow controls from Cirus:

Compact integrated control systems for plowing AND spreading.
Are you looking for a system that offers both plow and spreader controls? If so, our Marlin™ electronic control system may be the best fit for your operation. The Marlin™ features reliable integrated controls for plowing and spreading applications, full functionality and user-friendly operations in a compact package.

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DEL Equipment Inc. and Drive Products Inc. merger
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