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Arctic Snow Plows

“TOUGHER THAN A CANADIAN WINTER” Arctic’s snow plows is where strong meets smart. Much more than mere brutes, plows from both Arctic’s steel and poly families also demonstrate sophistication and technical polish. Their reputation for durability and performance is well known, but they are also recognized for advanced design considerations that enhance their performance, lower fuel consumption and prevent wear on vehicles.
Arctic's high density polyethylene moldboards combine the durable, slick characteristics of poly with advanced blade design mechanics to throw more of even the stickiest, wettest snow further and faster. This not only results in more snow being moved more quickly, it also minimizes forward resistance - meaning decreased wear on power trains and increased fuel economy. All of Arctic's steel blades and lift frames are dipped in a galvanizing zinc coating for superior strength.
Providing timeless performance and durability - Arctic's steel plow blades are constructed from 10 - 12 gauge hot-rolled steel, and are reinforced with integrated vertical ribs to form a single, tremendously strong structural unit. Blade curvature maximizes snow roll and handling, leading to reduced vehicle stress and improved fuel efficiency while minimizing over-the-top snow loss. All of Arctic's steel blades and lift frames are dipped in a galvanizing zinc coating for superior strength.
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